Red 2018-19 Portugal Home and Away Football Shirt

Ahead of the host of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Nike and FPF unveiled brand new Portugal home and away football shirts for all footballers of the powerful national team. Two years before, after winning the pre-historical continental champion, Portugal national football team are going to play the 2018 FIFA World Cup as the “King of Europe”. The brand Portugal home and away football shirts show their identity as a football giant.

New home shirt has followed and breakthrough classic Portuguese aesthetic, praising the mile-stone triumph of the Portugal national football team with gold details. The advanced design director of Nike soccer shirt puts, “The inspiration of brand new football shirt comes from great success of Portugal national team two years before. The design of red home shirt displays elegance of Portuguese royal members. Many famous footballers have emerged in the football history of Porgual, from Luis Figo to Cristiano, who united the team and led the great football team in football games.”

Brand new home shirts are improved through aesthetic and performance, engineering by the sophisticated high-performance knitted fabric. Obvious meshes on chest and back are drew as data of perspiration and heating, offering good ventilation condition for football players. New Portugal team crest losses 64% weight than previous crest. External seam is removed to reduce friction and improve freedom of wearers. If there is one person matching with the modern royal style of the home football shirt, he may be the captain of the Portugal national football team. He wins respects from teammates and countrymen without a little preservation, by the advantage of breaking-record accolades, genuine in opening numerous critical competition and extraordinary gift in leadership.

Pete Hoppins explains, “Ronaldo is a hero of Portugal. We would like to tell a story regarding the king of football, who leads the brand new football team.” Although Ronaldo is still the possible king of football, many new football stars like André Silva and João Mario are growing day by day. They leave a promising future to Portugal football.

“In the design of home football shirt, we praised close relations between us and Portugal while the design theme of away football shirt involves future”, Pete Hoppins added, “Portugal is a country who root exploration deeply in their gene, and this also extend to their enthusiasm and attitude towards football.” Inspiration of brand new white away football shirt derives from great history marine navigation, symbolizing finding football gift with endless efforts. Energetic green crosses are dotted on the front. Inspiration of the pattern derives from compasses used in marine navigation, showing respects to the great Portuguese marine navigation history and finding football gifts without stopping their steps.

In addition to qualified and cost-effective football shirts, we also provide personalized football services to all customers when needed. You can designate preferred numbers no more than three fields and names no more than 12 fields. We believe the brand new unique football shirt could show your support and love to your favorite football team on stands.

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